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Monday, 8 April 2013

Another Pointless Blog!

When you open a blog you should present yourself, right?
But you must do it even when it's a pointless blog?
Probably...Yes! You must!
So...just right now you've come on (another) pointless blog, run by a pointless person (better know as "sommobuta" - search him!) who has studied history, a pointless kind of study.
Sommobuta usually talks about pointless things (such as books, comics, movies, tv series, videogames, and other useless topics).
So make yourself comfortable and enjoy this new trip.
Pointless, of course.

Comments to my articles are not useless, though.
I'd like to receive them.
If you want.

So...welcome aboard to my Pointless Space!

Ps: I'm currently writing as a Zulu, I know.
Forgive Me.
PPs: If there are Zulus around, don't tell them nothing about this place...


  1. Are you posting "Il Viagra della Mente" translated posts or original ones?

    1. Maybe a pointless question.

    2. I'd like to create original (and pointless) contents, so i'll write new articles.
      But it's possible that i'll translate some posts about comics.
      I don't know.
      Pointless question, right...

      Thanks for your visit band tour comment!

  2. I need to spam this blog everywhere! ;) Good luck Buta!

    1. Thanks a lot, my friend!

    2. Mr. buta, I will follow you wherever you will go (like the song said)! Maybe this summer I'm going to visit London for a couple of weeks with my GF, I need you and Debb to convince her to remain there forever!!!

    3. Surely we'll do it!
      I hope you come here! I'll wait for you! :D

  3. here you are a pointless comment

    1. Comments aren't pointless... :D
      Comments makes Buta happy! :D

  4. Good luck Buta!! I'll follow you anytime!! HIIII!!! :D