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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Man of Steel and Thor: The Dark World...Awsome!

New trailers of the new Superman and Thor movies are online.
Joy for fans eyes.
Personally, the film that intrigues me the most is that on Superman, Man of Steel. As I wrote on my Italian blog at the end of the review on Superman: Earth One, I hope that the duo Snyder/Nolan have taken as their point of reference to model their film Straczynski's graphic novel.
From the trailer, and especially from this third one, seems that Superman is in a way to become Superman. And to fulfill himself and his destiny as a (super)hero.

Thor also doesn't seem bad at all. Dark World appears to be much more interesting than the first film (not that it wasn't, but I personally found the part set on Earth quite bad).
It only remains to wait, go to the cinema, and enjoy these two shows...

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